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One of our favourite indigenous bulbous plants! Lovely white flowers with green to greenish brown central stripes on the back. Growing up to 40cm’s. Sow in Spring.

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Product Description

Albuca is a genus of plants in the family Hyacinthaceae. Most of the 30 species of bulbous plants in this genus are native to Southern Africa, only a few are suited for cultivation. Leaves range in length from 3 in(8 cm) to 4 ft(1.2 m) and may be flat or keeled. Scented flowers with 6 petals in bell-shaped, are yellow or greenish white, in loose racemens on tall stems. Fruiting capsule has many black seeds. Suitable for outdoor cultivation only where frosts are light, but can be grown in a conservatory or greenhouse. Grow in full sun in light, free-draining soil, in a sheltered position if light frosts might occur. Propagate from offsets or seed.